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Aims and Objectives

Our long term plans are to receive sufficient donations to enable us to continue and hopefully expand our existing, much needed, rescue activities, which will involve the acquisition of extra land plus the construction of more buildings. And eventually we will apply for and receive charity status. Please help if you can - with a donation, adoption or standing order - no matter how small.

Find out more?

We hope you enjoy browsing our web site. We have redesigned the site, to provide even more information for those of you looking us up on the web. Browse the site to learn more about our current online offerings, and to find out more for what we do at Holmewood to help animals have a better life.

In addition to the general information we have upgraded the gallery and now have a section for testimonials.

We think you´ll find the site highly informative and easy to navigate. We would be happy to hear your feedback. Just use the Contact page of the site, or send us an email

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