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The Road to Enlightenment

After Graham and Wendy got together, it was natural that they began rescuing more and more animals, including horses, ponies, goats, cats and dogs, and any other small creatures in need of rescuing.

The fortunate purchase of 10 acres of lan in 1999/2000 (with much financial assistance from Marjorie Funnell) made possible the establishment of a permanent and secure site.

Since then buildings have been added, and perimeters strengened.

Word gradually spread that we had become a rescue centre, and animals of all descriptions began to arrive! We have also rescued many horses and ponies destined for slaughter, where it has been necessary to pay their value as meat in order to secure their freedom.

Some of these have required considerable veterinary attention, often on an ongoing basis.

Once capacity was reached on our land, we began a very careful policy of rehoming some of the healthy equines, dogs, cats and other small animals out on a permanent 'Loan' scheme using documentation very kindly made available by the ILPH.

Nearly all of the animals are re-homed (on the loan scheme) locally, which enables us to inspect the premises before and after and on an on-going basis.

So What is This About?

We do all we can to assist any animals that are brought to our centre and would like to keep on doing so. The future of Holmewood and any plans that we have is entirely dependant on funding and donations from our supporters.