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The Road to Enlightenment

At Holmewood we take the rehoming process seriously. Your personal circumstances and home will be vetted to ensure compatibility with the animal you are interested in. Several factors will be considered including any pets you may already have and whether you have children. We may ask to visit your house to assess your circumstances. Please be prepared for this and do not view this as an invasion of your privacy.

So What is This About?

As a rescue organisation we will be looking for commitment on your part. Owning an animal is a long-term prospect (for example, some small dogs can live for over 15 years). Rescue dogs, in particular, should not be left alone for long periods on a regular basis and will require daily exercise and mental stimulation. Unfortunately, medical expenses can be significant for some animals. We would recommend insuring a pet as early as possible.

Adopting a dog into your family
Get to know the dog you would like to give a home. If you have a dog already, talk to staff about arranging a meeting between the dogs, too.

Advice & support
We are here to give you the benefit of our experience. If you need any advice about your dog, please contact us to speak to the team.