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The Road to Enlightenment

Below are the testimonials and stories from people who have rehomed animals that have been rescued by Holmewood.

So What is This About?

Rosie's story

Rosie Springer

Rosie was 10 months old when she was brought to Holmewood animal rescue. She had been abandoned in a winter let close by and it was the neighbours that alerted the police to her whimpering, Rosie had been taught not to bark and did not do so for a further 18 months. She was suffering from an infected dew claw and had an ear infection; the cost of the vet bills, antibiotics, vaccines, flea treatment and worming tablets, were all paid for from the animal fund that people had kindly donated to. Rosie remained with Wendy and Graham for 18 months before being suitably re-homed.
Rosie is now 4 years old and has been part of our family for well over a year. Her family includes Nina (a bossy, cocker spaniel) and George (a gentle, springer spaniel) Soon after being re-homed with our pack, Rosie found her "bark" she is exercised off the lead twice a day and enjoys long woodland and beach walks. She is a very important member of our family. We would like to say a huge thank you to Graham and Wendy for rescuing "our Rosie"

Janice and Andy Hayers


Hector and Tyra's story to follow